DIY Kimono Cover Ups

What is better than four ladies going to Palm Springs for a getaway? Coordinating kimonos and cover ups, that’s what! I bought the black fabric at the Michael Levin loft in downtown LA where everything is $3 lb. It is super light weight and I got 4 yards. I wanted the zigzags to run horizontally so that dictated the size of the kaftan (aka rectangle) cover and the kimono. Everything is finished with a narrow rolled hem except the bottom. I serged the hem before sewing on the fringe trim.

Kimono Sketch


The white fabric was super light weight so a rolled hem on anything other than a straight grain would not have worked. And a bias or facing would have been stiff and weird so I made two rectangles for the kaftan and tacked them together at the neck and past the shoulder. The kimono is one large piece on the back with two rectangles for the front. I used a rolled hem for the sleeves and serged the shoulder seam before rolling it to the back and cover stitching.


Easy and super fast, just how I prefer my sewing projects.


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